About Us


We at Bharti Consultancy started about a decade ago in 2002, promoted by Mrs.Bharti Sanghvi as a broking company and investment consultancy, with local area based clients, with personal touch, and sound advice regards individual financial advice to each client handling Life Insurance plans and Unit Trust products.

In 2008 The organization grew multi folds with the joining of Mr. Vimal Sanghvi who took the company to the stage what it is now, with clients varies from Corporate Companies, Expats, HNI’s & Retail Investors.

What We Do

Over the years Bharti Consultancy has established a notable reputation for professional, personal and corporate advice. Being truly independent, we are able to provide recommendations from the whole of the market. More importantly, we offer what we feel is a unique approach to advising clients on their financial affairs as the cornerstone of building wealth.

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