Direct Equity

Direct Equity Investing

Investing in equities can be rewarding for those who have adequate knowledge of the stock markets and have the ability and appetite to take risks. But more often than not, retail investors lack the knowledge and even the time to research and educate themselves about the nitty gritties of stock market movements. In such cases, it is best to leave your hard earned money in the care of professional money management experts or fund managers.

How Profitable can be Direct Equity Investment?

Compared to any other asset class, direct equity is more risky. Best investing skills generates maximum profits here. Direct equity is risky but it also open doors for higher returns. Return of direct equity (in long term) can outperform any other asset class.

But the only precondition is, one should know to value stocks and time the market. In last 15 years, share market in India jumped from 113 to 27,000 levels. If we would had invested in an index fund in year 1990, our annualised return would be >44% per annum.

It means in last 15 years our principal amount would have got multiplied by >230 times. Isn’t this fantastic? This is the benefit of direct equity investment in long term.

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